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XXIX Waukesha Janboree Explodes This Weekend

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Lots of fun things going on around Waukesha this weekend. Fortunately the weather is perfect... meaning there's cold and snow, but not too much or too little! The Lowell Park ice rink is in perfect condition and the slopes are snow-covered and slippery. Saturday temperatures should be perfect for ice carving and Sunday's ideal for snow shoeing out by Retzer.

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Janboree, MLK Jr. and Inauguration Day

Janboree, Waukesha North, Waukesha County Museum


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3 days in 3 minutes

Janboree, 8) my favorite things, festival, Retzer, snow job, Waukesha County Museum, YouTube

I added many of my Janboree photos in a short video. I felt the weekend went great thanks to the many sponsors, volunteers, organizers, ice carvers. . . not to mention the cold and snow. Thankfully we had enough snow for sledding and snowshoeing and cold for skating, because everyone was really getting out and enjoying it.

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3 feet of snow expected today


No, I'm not talking about snow for Waukesha, (though it would be nice to at least have some on the ground in time for the Janboree on the 20th.)

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4th on the 4th

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