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Looking forward

Hope Center, politics

As we turn the clocks back to standard time today there's things to look forward to.

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reunion 3.0

reunion, Waukesha North

This could be Waukesha North's first all class reunion... and you're invited! I recall being on the committee for the first couple reunions: lots of phone calls and mailings. Ten years ago: phone calls, web sites, internet searches, mailings, bookings and reservations, and a reunion booklet available on CD. Five years ago we saved postage and spread the word on the internet, meeting at a bar on St. Paul Ave. on a Friday night. We've always had a good turnout and a good time. Now, five years since our last reunion, we're again informally sending out the invites via the internet, but this time all are welcome.

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it all starts with a video

I used to take pride in being the last house on the block to mow the lawn. Kept telling myself I was being environmental by not mowing often or spraying for weeds. Always felt having a nice home and yard took too much time and money, the two things I was most sorely lacking.

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picture perfect

full of hot air, Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival, Waukesha County Fair

Weather for the County Fair couldn't have been better. Very nice temps for mid-July! I went just once... on opening night. Hot air balloons briefly returned to the fair Wednesday. I was there to crew for a flight then return for the night glow. Lindstrand Balloons' special shape balloon "Lindy" was unfurled for the glow in practice for it's participation in the Waterford Hot Air Balloon Festival.

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Nick and Andi

Last night's episode of The Bachelorette featured Waukesha's Viall family in the hometown date of finalist Nick Viall. I suspect most in Waukesha know or know of the Vialls either through acquaintance with their very large family, or possibly through following the award-winning athleticism of Maria and others.

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