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losing my marbles

Playing marbles on 164 at the intersection of Arcadian isn't recommended. Bad enough it was 7:30 at night and dark. Could've been worse had it been a busy time of day.

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when in doubt, throw it out

The much-anticipated garbage carts arrived this week. Even though we returned the cart size preference card, I was beginning to wonder if, indeed, we were on the list to get them. Those with alley pick up aren't getting the new carts and we live on an alley that's not really an alley. A little uncertainty. Plus, during one of the last really big windstorms we lost another plastic garbage can, so we were kinda counting on these replacements.

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Waukesha in the News


Heard Waukesha mentioned on national radio last night. NPR's Marketplace is doing a month-long topic on water. Reporter Sarah Gardner grew up in Waukesha. It felt so good to hear someone from here broadcasting correct pronunciations nationwide on this hot topic. Not only did she nail "Waukesha," but correctly pronounced Duchniak, Vrakas, even Schoenknecht!

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take the plunge

Polar Plunge

This was the second year in a row I went to the beach on the first day of the year without going in. This time would've been much more bearable than the ice and wind of last year. Still, I was content just wandering the shore in my parka filming the cool fools.

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'bout time


Monday will be two years since Golden Guernsey shut down. The sudden closing left a huge hole in the community. Not only did a hundred hard-working folk lose their good-paying jobs, but closing the plant also affected untold independent haulers, outside repair and maintenence people, farmers and other suppliers.

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