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crane hunters need not apply

counting cranes

I was going to write about the upcoming 40th Annual Midwest Crane Count, how I'm looking forward to the quiet time before and just after sunrise April 18th. Was going to mention the need for more counters, as many as who would be willing to get up at 5:00 on a Saturday morning, and ask if you'd consider joining us. Was going to mention the 35 sites still available throughout Waukesha County...

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not just another four-letter word

I don't spend a lot of time playing online games, but I do enjoy a good game of facebook's Words With Friends, a Scrabble look-alike, now and then. I've recently started playing with one particular person after he mentioned online how much he enjoyed the game. It's ironic that I'm blogging about it here, because Mark happens to be past editor of WaukeshaNOW and the other NOW sites.

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We're kinda proud

Thursday was a glorious day. Weekend near, plenty of sunshine and warmth. Lots of productivity...

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It's all about the cakes, 'bout the cakes

The 61st Annual Noon and Sunrise Rotary Pancake Festival is tomorrow. All you can eat! All proceeds support Waukesha area non-profits.

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losing my marbles

Playing marbles on 164 at the intersection of Arcadian isn't recommended. Bad enough it was 7:30 at night and dark. Could've been worse had it been a busy time of day.

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