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another one bites the dust

Another good year in the books. We celebrated our 25th anniversary. Our oldest got hitched and our youngest graduated UWRF and got engaged to a wonderful woman. We're looking forward to the May wedding and welcoming our first grandbaby next month. Some years are quiet. This won't be one of them.

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the heavenly week

Last week was godsent, and not just for the unbelievable weather every single day

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Waukesha's Next Musical Genius

You haven't heard much about Michael Hey, associate director of music at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, but there are similarities to the other famous son: Les Paul. Both born and raised in Waukesha. Both showing talent at an early age. Now, at age 25, Hey will be performing for Pope Francis as organist at St. Patrick's tonight and Madison Square Garden tomorrow. At just 25 years of age Les was playing for President Roosevelt at the White House. Michael has yet to play for a sitting president, but I'm sure that's coming soon.

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wedding day

 Our oldest child wed the love of his life last Saturday in a brief yet beautiful ceremony.

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what doesn't make you feel older?

My childhood home on Summit Ave. was recently sold to St. Colletta's and WaukeshaNOW featured an article on it last Thursday. I stopped over today to attend what I thought was a going away celebration for the monks and nuns of The Order of Julian of Norwich, but turned out to be something else. At least I didn't recognize it as a going away party, but I guess if you're a monk or nun you celebrate with a prayer service, which I didn't care to attend. I spent a few minutes walking around the property saying goodbye to the trees instead. I left there a little over 25 years ago and some of the trees I planted and nurtured have now become sturdy, massive and mature evergreens, maples, etc.

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