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for my last WaukeshaNOW post I'd like to share this four generation photo. I'm really fortunate to have a loving family, and I hope everyone had a great Easter.

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The Writing's On The Wall

This blog will be going bye-bye on my birthday, so happy birthday to me! This June would've been starting year ten for me. My written word has been declining for several years, as evidenced in the paragraph below from 6/16/14, and in what little I've said so far this year. It was only a matter of time. It just happens WaukeshaNOW pulled the plug first, but if they didn't I probably would have soon anyway.

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vote for one

It's going to be an interesting election. Even though we've used the new ballot machines once and had multiple smaller elections requiring photo ID, this will be the first big test.

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baby pics

You could say big Teddy Bears are a Lee family tradition. Sophia was presented the bear below by her grandma and I. Sophia's dad is in photo on the right with the bear his grandparents gave him.

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another one bites the dust

Another good year in the books. We celebrated our 25th anniversary. Our oldest got hitched and our youngest graduated UWRF and got engaged to a wonderful woman. We're looking forward to the May wedding and welcoming our first grandbaby next month. Some years are quiet. This won't be one of them.

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