Pure Color

Published on: 6/15/2010

Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping a friend set up her first ever gallery exhibit. Ryan Peters' Clinton Street Gallery on Waukesha's Main Street is in a prime spot.

Located between The Steaming Cup and The Clarke Hotel, the Clinton Street Gallery's new location has much more space, natural lighting, and traffic than the old place a block to the south. I love the taller ceilings and clean look of the walls and floor.

Variety is found among the many artists with little duplication of processes. I took a much closer look at the offerings with my friend in mind. How did she compare I wondered? Original? Check. Unique? Check. Resonably priced, pleasing to look at? Check, check. 

As today is Takin' the Blog for a Walk's fourth bloggiversary. . . in celebration I'm announcing it's first contest. The prize; an original piece of art by my friend. The contest? All you have to do is guess her name. I'll even give you a clue. . . Red. . . Blue. . .Green. . .  Maybe related to this post's title?

Add your guess in a comment to this post. The contest closes on the first day of summer. Good Luck.