Friends; better with age

Published on: 8/2/2009

Hoping you were able to pick up your Friendship cake before they were all sold out. Today is International Friendship Day, the 74th annual.  

Today I'm thinking about how great it is to have friends. Last night, my 30 year high school reunion was held at Loft and Chapel. Back in the '70s, when Waukesha North was still new, our class was the first one to go all four years through. Some of us are still around.

Compared to today, North didn't have much for athletic facilities or equipment, but it did have a decent coach and winning football team. The 1978 Northstar Football Team won eight straight games, and Coach Schiele was there last night to reintroduce them.

Back in the day, you were either a Greaser, Freak or Jock... or none of the above. Not gonna tell ya which I was, but it wasn't "Jock". I know some people don't attend reunions, thinking they're mainly attended by the popular kids, smart ones and athletes. Well, I've been going anyway. You know what? Between age, gravity, layoffs, divorce, kids, etc., we're all just there for the friendship. The cliques seem to wear off after 30 or so years. The kids I hung with in high school don't show up at reunions. But it's OK, I've renewed or started friendships with many other classmates at reunions.

Sure, there are those I'd like to see, but I'm treasuring the ones I'm able. Many people, family included, are spread throughout the country. If we don't see one another that's probably why, but classmates came to the reunion from CA, FL, TX... Even though I wouldn't recognize him, some year it'd be nice to see my old friend living in HI.

Happy Int'l Friendship Day to all my past, current and future friends. Thinking warmly of you today.