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my banner says "thank you"

1) sound of music, 8) my favorite things


If I could hang a banner from an overpass it would read "Thank You". I'd want to show appreciation to the tens of thousands of Harley riders who joined in the celebration of the 105th making it a huge success, and making many businesses in Waukesha very happy.

It's impossible, and probably unnecessary, to try to describe the crowds Downtown, especially Saturday night. Impossible, because I have trouble estimating things that get into the tens of thousands. And no photograph; by the time Montgomery Gentry started playing at 9:30 it was too dark, (wouldn't have mattered, can't squeeze that many people in a photo except from above, way above.) Unnecessary, because judging by the crowd you were probably there. Suffice to say I've never seen so many people in Downtown Waukesha. BoDeans

Crowd control? You'd think with that many people and that much alcohol things could quickly get out of hand, but I never saw it or heard of it. The police were visible and did an excellent job keeping it under control. The crowds were the best kind: not too rowdy, spent money Downtown and, hopefully, return in five years (or sooner).

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