Back to School - Everyone Learns!

Published on: 9/2/2014

 Each fall we hear from the local schools that more tutors are needed, and this year is no exception!  In the School District of Waukesha, we're recruiting volunteers for:

  • Readers' Cafe in elementary schools
  • Pen Pals (actual written letters) in elementary schools
  • Math Clubs in elementary schools
  • Oral History Tutors in middle schools
  • Reading Listeners in middle schools and high schools

Why are volunteers needed?  Children may struggle with basic concepts of either math, writing, or reading, and need additional support such as flash cards, reading aloud to a volunteer, or playing games such as Yahtzee to better learn how to apply math concepts.  Oral History tutors in the middle schools help students to better understand that history is more than dates.

Pen Pals help students to practice authentic reading, learn how to put together a letter, practice reading and letter, and learn how much fun it is to receive a real letter from a friend.  Pen Pals meet each other in person at the end of the school year.

Educators tells us that volunteers help students to learn that a caring adult is invested in their education and in their life.  Students learn that lesson as the volunteers return, week after week, simply to help them.  Volunteers learn that their time is needed not only for academic progress, but also as a positive role model for the students.  

Get involved - there's a place for you!  Call 262-549-3348 to find out more about volunteering in the Waukesha Schools.