reunion 3.0

Published on: 8/8/2014

This could be Waukesha North's first all class reunion... and you're invited! I recall being on the committee for the first couple reunions: lots of phone calls and mailings. Ten years ago: phone calls, web sites, internet searches, mailings, bookings and reservations, and a reunion booklet available on CD. Five years ago we saved postage and spread the word on the internet, meeting at a bar on St. Paul Ave. on a Friday night. We've always had a good turnout and a good time. Now, five years since our last reunion, we're again informally sending out the invites via the internet, but this time all are welcome.

Our class has had five reunions. Our sixth reunion will have something all the others lacked... other classes! Going four years through high school we're exposed to and socialize with a total of six other class years. My high school sweetheart was from a different year and has never attended one of our reunions. I had friends on either side of our class year I've never seen at a reunion.

Okay, so it's at a bar again, Finn's Bar and Grill on Hwy. 18 in Wales, but at least this time you can sneak out for a fresh custard at LeDuc's next door if the party starts to fizzle, which it won't because you'll be there.

Pot luck will be served up steaming hot, or cold as the case may be, so bring an appetite. I may bring my easy fruit salad, though still undecided about that.

Word is going around the web via facebook page: Waukesha North High School 2014 Multi-Class Reunion. Check it out and join us if you can. It's 3:00 to midnight Saturday, Aug. 23rd.

OK Folks, as of Saturday we'll have 2 weeks to go until the WNHS Multi-Class Reunion Version 3.0 at Finn's on HWY 18 in Wales, WI.

It's still looking like around 110 people will attend, I would love to see around 125 or so we have the room for it.

REMEMBER no RSVP required, ALL CLASSES are welcome, It's a Potluck so bring a dish to share and maybe even impress others with your culinary abilities.

There will be music from that period of time on YouTube in the form of old and new videos of the artists performing them mixed in with commercials from that time like Pabst , Miller, Schlitz, Burger King and others.

It's a casual event beginning at 3:00 PM to Midnight, and it's OK to stay until closing. We look forward to seeing everyone there!
Please drink responsibly!!!