Fair E-tales

Having taken on the Waukesha County Fair, intrepid Lake Country Publications/NOW reporter Megan Sukovich now takes us on the tilt-a-whirlwind adventure that is the 2014 Wisconsin State Fair.

Soar, score and scream at SpinCity


Have you taken a trip to SpinCity yet? Head to the north end of the fair grounds for all your favorite rides and games. There are over 50 rides and attractions and 35 games with fair-tastic prizes. New rides this year include: 

    Crazy Dance Upside-down, round-and-round, this ride is sure to provide plenty of thrills and spills.

    Hang 10 Spin, twist and turn on this classic music ride

    Hog Rally Not just for kids, the Hog Rally features motorcycles to enjoy a ride on the wild side

    Hurricane Riders bob and weave, spin and twirl during this journey on the Hurricane

    Jungle Twist A short track spinning coaster that children, teenagers and adults can all ride

    Remix 2 The Remix 2 combines all rides into one with spins, twists and flips galore

    Rock it! Making its Wisconsin debut, Rock It! is a 360 degree, 90-foot-tall, spinning thrill-ride

    Scooter Rock-n-Cars is a new bumper car ride with brighter lights, faster cars and more thrilling action

    Tornado A twister of a ride where passengers spin cars themselves creating their own ride experience

Wave Swinger The Wave Swinger adds a swinging twist on the classic chain-swing ride

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