Fair E-tales

Having taken on the Waukesha County Fair, intrepid Lake Country Publications/NOW reporter Megan Sukovich now takes us on the tilt-a-whirlwind adventure that is the 2014 Wisconsin State Fair.

Food for thought

Strictly for the sake of investigative reporting, I have put my journalism skills to the test… the taste test, that is. Check out my take on this year’s wacky foods at the Waukesha County Fair using the cream puff scale. The more puffs, the tastier the treat! Are you brave enough try them all? 

1. Reuben Nachos

from Jake’s Deli

A new take on a Mexican classic! Thickly sliced, crunchy potato chips topped with a generous helping of shredded corned beef, smothered in a Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing. Served with mild jalapenos on the side. This dish gives a lot of bang for its buck, with a hefty serving for only $6. It could have been a little warmer, but definitely earned three cream puffs on the cream puff scale.

2. Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots 

from Jayme's Chipstix

Breakfast on a stick! Crispy outside with a warm mushy inside and you can even dip it in liquid gold, also known as melted cheese. Despite its goodness, this deep fried delicacy only gets a two on the cream puff scale for the small serving with a hefty price. $6 for six tots!

3. Spaghetti Gelato 

from La Coppa Artisan Gelato

Sounds so strange, but tastes so good. A layer of whipped cream topped  with smooth vanilla gelato that is squeeze through a spaghetti press. To imitate a spaghetti sauce, sweet strawberry sauce with white chocolate shavings crowns this delicacy. Spaghetti Gelato earns four cream puffs for being the best deal for the most food and for excellent presentation.

4. Deep Fried Oreos 

from A's Mini Doughnuts and Concessions

This dessert takes the cake. Deep fried dough stuffed with chocolate goodness and then dusted with a thick layer of fluffy powdered sugar. Don’t forget the $1 glass of all you can drink milk from Prairie Farms. For six Oreos and a full tummy, $6 is well worth it. This is cookie confection earns five cream puffs for superior service and a unique fair eating experience.


5. Tater Twister 

from The Fry Factory 

This eye catching snack turned too many heads to count.  A mountain of crunchy chips smothered in cheese, sour cream, bacon bits and chives. What’s not to love? The tater twister does take some time, but is always made fresh to order for the reasonable price of $13. Presentation points earned this dish four puffs on the cream puff scale. 




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