thanks a bunch

Published on: 2/6/2014

I'm going bananas. I recently blogged about purchasing a bunch of the world's largest bananas. I was thinking about all the different things I could do with them instead of just slice them up on my cereal, (and hope they wouldn't rot while I was busy making up my mind.)

They were going to feed the neighborhood for a week! The video of me eating the largest one was going to go viral! I was going to lose five pounds on the banana diet!

But then, I'm nothing but second banana anyway. That's right, someone here (okay, it was Mom-in-law) ate the largest one! Any normal bunch of bananas can sit there on the fridge till they turn brown, but finally bring home a world-record bunch and she eats them? For what it's worth, she did comment that that was one huge banana. It made me feel a little bit better.

There's still two of the big ones left. What do you suppose I should do with them?