mayor vs president

Published on: 1/28/2014

"I did something today. You're either going to be proud of me, . . .  or not."

I heard via fb yesterday that Mayor Scrima was planning to be too busy to meet the president when he visits Waukesha Thursday. The Freeman article today sure fired up a lot of people, including several at my house. When I first heard about it I thought it just another one of the mayor's ineptitudes, but coming home today I see that there are some fairly strong feelings on the subject. Something the wife and I finally agree on!

There's some things you just don't do:

You don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don't mess around with Jim

And let me add another: You don't turn down an invite from the president when he's coming to the city you're mayor of.

Without disclosing who it was that was so fired up at this house (there's two others living here) let me mention she wrote, and received a response from, Brad Hicks of Fox 6, wrote Waukesha Patch, called the Freeman, the mayors office... She sounded passionate in her belief. I told her it's the start of her political career. I mentioned the Freeman would probably print her comment tomorrow, and 15 minutes later Conley Publishing called to verify the call. It will appear in Wednesday's Freeman!

The following is taken from facebook. Not presented as 100% accurate or how I feel, just as an example of how fired up one person is over this.

Okay, so most of you who know me know I am NOT a political person, but I am VERY opinionated. I read the article on front page of the freeman today about our very own Mayor declining an invitation to meet the president at GE Thursday because of some lame excuse of remaining bipartisan. It makes me hot that he is supposed to be representing Waukesha and is showing disrespect to the President. Whether voted for him or not, like it or not Obama IS THE PRESIDENT and will be in our history books for generations to come. Plus Mayor Scrima was voted into office meaning you already are NOT bipartisan and you need to show YOUR Boss respect. You can be racist if you need to but you are showing the youth how to be disrespectful and frankly I feel that is what's wrong with society already. Fact is you did not vote for him or you don't like his political views, whatever, but he IS the president whether you like it or not. It is a disgrace that he's not attending. The message you are sending for Waukesha is pathetic because some of us don't judge by color. Mayor Scrima needs to get his sh*t together or leave his post as our mayor. Because right now he is NOT doing his obligation.