The Next Chapter for Books

Published on: 1/30/2014

One of my favorite activities is reading.  I enjoy reading books for work, for pleasure, to learn new skills, and to educate myself.  I'm a happy member of the Friends of The Waukesha Library group, grateful to them for their efforts to keep our local library stocked with new books.  I do end up buying some books, but being able to rent brand-new books for only dollars helps to keep my book budget in line.  

As I mentioned in a past blog post, each year I aim to read two literary classics.  I like to find used copies if possible so I can re-read these books before sending them on to their next owner.  Several years ago I read about an online book exchange and became a member.  This online swap community lists themselves as "the largest online book swapping community in the world."  As I was writing this post their website noted that there were 1,336 members online at that moment.

My family and I have swapped many well-read children's books for teen books, and found some books by authors we enjoy.  We pay for the postage to mail each of our books and earn credits to request books.  I've mailed books as close as Madison and as far away as Hawaii, and have received books from all over the country.

I like receiving these books that have traveled so many places.  Often the book's sender will write a little note and slip it inside the book, so I started doing that too.   It's a simple way to share the love of reading and afford to have lots of books!