The Next Chapter for One Pro Football Player

Published on: 1/23/2014

Last weekend our agency was part of a wonderful community partnership with Wisconsin Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, School District of Waukesha, St. Luke's ELCA, From Our Village, and several Girl Scouts troops and businesses.  We gave away winter coats, books, food, and a meal for families in the community.

By itself the event was a great way to work together and make sure that families have basic needs met.  What made this event different was the support and presence of the Santana Dotson Foundation.  

I went into the event a bit skeptical that a former professional football player would really spent time at such a grass-roots event, but I was wrong!  Santana Dotson's Foundation not only supported the event financially, but Santana Dotson himself was part of the event for several hours.  He read "The Real Story of The Three Little Pigs" making a convincing wolf with his deep voice, and then sat by, while encouraging the older kids to read to groups of younger kids.  He took picture after picture after picture and signed autographs, but what impressed me the  most was how he connected with the kids.  He asked them what books they like to read, what sports they are interested in, and he did a lot of listening.  The younger kids probably didn't see him play for the Packers but the adults did, so some of the adults were downright giddy!

I imagine that many former professional football players have other priorities, but what an amazing experience to see how Santana Dotson is living the next chapter in his life!