2 weeks from today

Published on: 10/23/2012

early voting began in wisconsin yesterday. last of the debates was yesterday. we got a absentee ballot yesterday. oddly enough, the special election for state senator dist. 33 is on the back of the ballot. it's clearly the same ballot to be used at the polls in two weeks, but i guess i was expecting the dist. 33 republican primary to be on a separate ballot after reading about it in saturday's freeman.

it's also interesting to note that with this ballot it's okay to vote twice for one person: paul farrow is on the ballot for dist. 98 assembly representative and dist. 33 state senator.

another notable mention: did you know there are seven presidential candidates on the ballot? can you name them all?

i was one of the few drove through light rain last night for author and carroll university political science professor lilly goren's talk on the electoral college. started at 7:00 and debate was at 8:00 so she didn't waste a lot of time. learned alot about electoral college's history, what would have to be done to change it, and why it isn't changed. interesting article today by columnist richard cohen on the subject.

last night we listened and talked about making out vote count. here in wisconsin we have a swing state. our vote actually matters more here than in ca or ny where they predictably vote one way or the other.

vote now, or vote later. just vote!

see you at the polls.