To Party or Not to Party - That is the Question

Published on: 6/7/2012

If you feel like a party join us for WCT's Season Preview Party, June 10 and 14, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.  We're inviting you to take a sneak peek at the 2012-2013 season.

Celebrate our 56th Season with a variety of entertainment showcasing music, comedy and a touch of mystery.  Hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be supplied by local restaurants and WCT (included as part of your ticket price.)  Cash bar will also be open serving wine and beer.

While you're peeking you may want to take advantage of a brand new eight-show subscription package and a WCT Subscriber Benefits Card that will give you even more savings as you continue to find ways to enrich your soul - all in downtown Waukesha!

In addition to our Mainstage Productions, our Random Acts of Entertainment are varietyal featuring ACAP Playmakers Productions, Comedy Tonight, ACT Live!, The Stem Academy Musical Comedy and more.

Because of people like you, WCT has a 55-year tradition that's still going strong.  More than 400 members of our community are involved in our organization as volunteers, contributing 20,000 hours to Waukesha's cultural cornerstone.  We're proud of our theatre, proud of our community, and proud to present our 56th Season.  Join us for WCT's Season Preview Party, June 10 and 14, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.

And if you don't feel like a party, then Waukesha Civic Theatre cordially invites you to STAY HOME and NOT ATTEND WCT's No Show Gala - A Make-Believe Event for a Very Real Cultural Cornerstone Any Day or Night You Want.

"The theatre is dark.  There are no lights, no actors, and no audiences, so DON'T take that tuxedo to the cleaners, DON'T buy a new dress, and DON'T get a babysitter!"

Now through June 15, 2012 join us (from the comfort of your home) and help us raise funds to enrich, challenge, and entertain the Waukesha community.  By NOT attending the No Show Gala you will support valuable entertainment and educational opportunities for thousands of people throughout Waukesha County and beyond.  Won't it be nice to NOT participate in the No Show Gala and be able to: put your feet up and relax, stay in and watch a movie with the family, read a book or finish the one you started weeks ago?

WCT's No Show Gala can be donated to via PayPal right now and you can have a wonderful time doing what you really want to do, whenever you choose to do it!

Wondering where all that money goes?  Well, in addition to obvious building operations and personnel employment, here are just samplings of the breakdown in Real Gala vs. "No Show Gala":

$15 - the hottest new glitter eye shadow OR two rolls of gaffe tape; $25 - a generous tip so the valet won't dent your car OR a 750 watt lamp for a Fresnel lighting instrument; $50 - a babysitter for 4-5 hours OR a costume rental from the Milwaukee Rep; $100 - new trendy pumps to match the to-die-for dress OR the props for The Dixie Swim Club; $250 - the to-die-for dress OR tuition for one student to attend an ACT class; $500 - a high bid at the silent auction; OR the royalties for one performance of Oklahoma! (that's right...ONE performance!); $1,000 - a higher bid at the silent auction OR the royalties for eleven performances of Our Town; $1,500 - a high bid at the live auction OR a small portion of our Education and Outreach program at St. Bruno's, La Casa de Esperanza, Waukesha Montessori, and more; $5,000 - a higher bid at the live auction OR the complete production budget of An Inspector Calls.

To party or not to party - that is the question.  Either way, WCT appreciates you and your support in ways you may not even imagine.  All of you are an important and integral part of what we do and why we do it.  In exchange for that support we make every effort to be the best stewards with what has been given.  With your help WCT's mission to provide quality live theatre performances and educational opportunities that enrich, challenge and entertain both participants and audience members, will continue.

You're invited to join in these PIX FIX events - to party or not to party - or both!