Now You See Him, Now You Don't - What's a Busybody to Do?

Published on: 6/5/2012

Know any busybodies?  I'm sure you do, or have.  I remember the one we had living across the street when we lived in New Berlin.  I don't know if this woman had nothing better to do than watch our house, but it got to the point our families quit talking.  Though us kids waved just to be - friendly - whenever we passed by her house.

My mom recalls a time when her family shared a phone line with others.  There was one particular woman who would pick up her phone regardless if the call was meant for her or not.  Her presence was identifiable by her breathing.  When my mom and her friends heard that, they'd talk about her.  She'd disconnect and rather loudly, too. 

Now imagine you're the busybody.  Because of your being a meddler, snoop, and all around buttinski - in other words a busybody - you come upon a dead body.  You get right on your cell and phone the police but when they arrive, the corpse has vanished.  The experience may end your busybody career or as in Mrs. Piper's case, make you even more insistent.

WCT's Busybody, written by Jack Popplewell and directed by Dustin Martin, is a Comic Mystery, running June 8 - June 24, 2012.

"The mystery begins with a very busy body - or two!  Office cleaner Mrs. Piper discovers a dead body and calls the police.  But before they can arrive, it moves. Or did it?  Detective Superindendent Harry Baxter is tired, cranky, sick with a cold, and unhappy to hear about a missing corpse.  But Mrs. Piper insists she saw her boss's body - until he walks into the room.  With an office full of suspects, Mrs. Piper continues to help (and hinder) the investigation, testing Harry's patience while she outwits a murderer."

While murder's not suppose to be funny, Busybody, June 8 - 24, 2012, with the combined efforts of this talented cast and crew, is.  This Comic Mystery is a PIX FIX must-see.  Being a mystery lover, I am looking forward to this show with its love triangles and other motives to keep the detective guessing and the audience laughing.  Whether you are a mystery fan or one who enjoys comedy; WCT is certain you'll enjoy Busybody, June 8 - 24, 2012.  I know I will!