Who's the Fox at Walgreens?

Published on: 4/28/2012

 Learned the Fox6 Weather Team were appearing at Walgreens on Grandview this morning. Vince Condella, Brittney Sager, Rob Haswell and Justin Zollitsch were all here promoting weather safety by helping to program Midland weather radios Walgreens was offering at a discounted price. We have an older weather radio and thought it would be worth $30.00 to get the latest technology. Besides, a portion of the proceeds would be helping to support the American Red Cross.

Even though about 140 radios were sold and programmed in the three hours the team was here the line moved quickly enough. I overheard Brittney ask of the clerk if there were any Bandaids, as her finger had a small cut. I jokingly mentioned to her that, no, you won't find any Bandaids at Walgreens, and promptly pulled one out of my wallet to give her.

Have to mention what a pleasure it was to meet these folk. There were no surprises. They are all just as tall, good-looking, friendly and nice as they seem on TV. Vince was nice enough to autogragh our radio, which he said was difficult because of all the bumps. It was the first time anyone's asked him to sign a radio. I think it turned out just fine. Thanks Vince!

 Rob and Brittney Justin

 Vince and me

 Sunny Skies!