in the sky with diamonds

Published on: 4/24/2012

Sunday in the Park                                                             Third Sunday in the row weather was dry, breezy and somewhat mild. Another words, kite-flying weather. Bailey and I spent an hour or two Earth Day with the kite atop the hill at the University where the view was great, the wind endless and obstacles few and far between. On a clear day you can see Holy Hill in Hubertus from UWW and Sunday we could see at least that far. The constantly changing clouds, wind gusts and direction kept me entertained while Bailey just kept out of trouble loving the sunshine and fresh air. 

Diamond Jubilee                                                               Sunday also was a good day to see friends Louis and Amy Crisostomo celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal during mass. A hundred of their friends and family filled the front pews, but where were Louis and Amy? The front-most pew was empty. Ten minutes in, everyone standing for the holy water blessing, in walk the couple. They were a little late for their own celebration, but I was as happy to witness it as I was for their golden. Before and during mass their grandson Michael, now a Juilliard student, entertained us with his amazing pipe organ music. Congratulations to Louis and Amy!

Extreme Makeover: HAWS Edition                                  Speaking of grooms... Last month mom-in-law got a new companion from the Humane Society. Biscuit was an entrant in the 2nd Annual grooming contest so she had to wait till then to adopt him. He is one hairy dog which you can see in the before and after photos. There's also a pretty cool video with a very hairy Biscuit on The Morning Blend three weeks before the contest. He won first place in the grooming contest and I met him for the first time when visiting mom for my 2nd annual grooming Saturday. Mom's been very nice about giving me haircuts, and all that practice is finally paying off. When Biscuit was recently taken to a professional groomer he would have none of it. Mom picked up an electric dog clipper and now takes care of him herself. He has no problem with her clipping him. I'm jealous.