idol chatter

Published on: 3/31/2012

I enjoyed my first Waukesha Idol last weekend at North. Was watching for any surprises and found plenty in the incredible talent of the students. Though the competition was open through high school age, several of the ten to twelve year olds demonstrated surprising skill for their age. All these kids have a bright future, maybe not all in music, but I admire the discipline of practice and the courage to perform in front of a full auditorium. Several students get extra points for accompanying themselves with piano or guitar.

An incredible amout of planning goes into this Interact Club fundraiser for their international charity, but even with planning things happen. There was much difficulty with technology, not an uncommon occurance in the R. G. Hein Auditorium. Most of the time it was just finding the right stand to fit the mic, but occasionally it was hard to find a working mic.  One contestant competing on video couldn't be seen because no one could figure out a way to tap the audio from the laptop.

The show ran a little long due to the glitches, but there was plenty to learn from for next year. I admire that the Interact Club students came together to solve all the issues pretty much themselves. I never saw an adult come to the rescue. These kids did a great job for a great cause. They even had a designated jokester to fill airtime between age groups, set changes and glitches. (She ran out and had to google more.)

I mostly agreed with the three judges and think they did a wonderful job. They didn't just praise the kids like too often is heard on American Idol, but gave them constuctive criticism. I feel they really helped a lot of kids be better singers.

The following day I'm in church listening to the beginning of our deacon's sermon.

"Is there a doctor in the house?"  from someone to my left. 

"I don't know." from the deacon.

An elderly woman didn't look good. Fainted? Fell asleep? It took a good long time and many hands to check her health, get her a wheelchair and wheel her out. She was fine and the sermon continued, but it emphasized the need for a backup plan.

The Waukesha Idol planners shouldn't worry about minor inconveniences, because things happen, even with things like a mass which has been performed for hundreds of years.

Maybe we need a designated jokester at mass to fill airtime when we have issues? The reason I mention this is that one of the two servers Sunday was the same gal keeping us entertained between acts at Waukesha Idol. It's good to see someone active in Interact Club, the student version of Rotary International, also active in church. I know she's got a bright future, and I'm not talking as a comedian.