when the blog takes me for a walk

Published on: 8/8/2010

Funny thing about letting the blog do the leading; he doesn't always look both ways or use the crosswalk. Don't even talk to me about the shortest distance . . . apparently you've got to cover a lot of territory to pick up a story's scent trail.

I'm proud to be one of Gregg Wandsneider's 3100+ friends. After sampling a cup of organic chocolate milk at the Farmer's Market, walked up the plaza to Coffee n' Beans to see what he was up to. I knew I'd find Gregg there because it was he along with Alcy who organized the 16 musicians performing at the day's 2nd Annual Coffee, Music and Goodness outside on the plaza. Had a real nice visit with Gregg. He was telling me about his hours of volunteering with Salvation Army and the 2009 Waukesha County Volunteer of the Year award he received. He'll be volunteering with Habitat for Humanity starting this week.

It was as he predicted; just start playing and people will gather. Music from 2:00 till 10:00 with a new group or individual every half hour seemed like quite the undertaking, but they pulled it off. A good crowd enjoyed the tastes and sounds around Coffee n' Beans, but also enjoyed fresh bakery offered for free by Habitat For Humanity next door. Coffee n' Beans recently began serving pizza and, since Gregg offered me a slice, I can attest to it's deliciousness.

Gregg had mentioned a good place to find a tasty rootbeer float. My next stop was over by Cookies Galore & More where, in addition to the float, was treated to another free sample. They will be introducing donuts this coming Friday, so my tastebuds got a sneak peek. 

The largest art project in Waukesha, a year in the works, had little to do with Art Crawl 62. For 31 years the south-facing wall of Discount Liquor had been a blank canvas just waiting for the right moment. Other's have inquired, but the Waukesha Historical Mural Collaborative Project  seemed like the best fit. When muralist Chris Vincent presented Discount Liquor's Michael Greguska with her idea and a rough drawing of the Waukesha history mural he didn't just like it, he framed the drawing! 

The mural is a collaboration with Good Friend Inc., and it's main event was over before the Art Crawl even began. Two mothers of autistic kids formed Good Friend about 3 years ago to raise awareness and teach acceptance of others with autism. Yesterday afternoon, autistic children from each of Waukesha's elementary schools were paired with fellow students to help paint the leaf border along the bottom of the 20' by 50' mural. The kids did a good job and wrote their name and school names on the leaves. Denise and Chelsea are currently producing their second DVD - due out in January. They also travel to schools, dentist offices . . . anywhere teaching would help foster empathy in others.  I made several good friends at the mural yesterday.

to be continued